About Us
          Pioneer Goods founded in 2001. Pioneer Goods is the leading innovator in Telecommunication solutions in China . Whether you're a single household, a small business, or a global corporation, Pioneer Goods has a solution for you. Pioneer Goods Communication had already establish business relationship with China Unicom, China Mobile, Skyworth and ABB in Sweden.
Pioneer Goods puts secure, reliable, cost effective global communications within your reach.
        The Pioneer Goods network has the capacity and capabilities to support today's mission critical applications FTTX such as FTTH, FTTB,FTTP, FTTC, FTTN, FTTO, FTTB, FTTZ,FTTSA.
Pioneer Goods is committed to delivering world class solutions backed by our unmatched customer support system. Customer Service is staffed with both Chinese Soeaking and English speaking to fulfil our customer needs with unparalleled technical support. With our list of premier clientele growing steadily on a daily basis we continue to pioneer solutions in markets and services using leading edge technology combined with a long term, client-oriented vision.
         In partnership with Pioneer Goods your organization's mission will not only be achieved, but surpassed. Through the effective application of innovation and cutting edge technologies, Pioneer Goods will develop advanced solutions and infrastructure at the highest level.
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