About Us
          Pioneer Goods founded in 2001. Pioneer Goods is the leading innovator in Telecommunication solutions in China . Whether you're a single household, a small business, or a global corporation, Pioneer Goods has a solution for you. Pioneer Goods Communication had already establish business relationship with China Unicom, China Mobile, Skyworth and ABB in Sweden.
Pioneer Goods puts secure, reliable, cost effective global communications within your reach.
        The Pioneer Goods network has the capacity and capabilities to support today's mission critical applications FTTX such as FTTH, FTTB,FTTP, FTTC, FTTN, FTTO, FTTB, FTTZ,FTTSA.
Pioneer Goods is committed to delivering world class solutions backed by our unmatched customer support system. Customer Service is staffed with both Chinese Soeaking and English speaking to fulfil our customer needs with unparalleled technical support. With our list of premier clientele growing steadily on a daily basis we continue to pioneer solutions in markets and services using leading edge technology combined with a long term, client-oriented vision.
         In partnership with Pioneer Goods your organization's mission will not only be achieved, but surpassed. Through the effective application of innovation and cutting edge technologies, Pioneer Goods will develop advanced solutions and infrastructure at the highest level.
Tel: 0086-755-33071317
Fax 0086-755-27810539
Michelle: +86-15815535079
Recommended products
PG-OPM202 optical power meter with VFL
PG-OPM508 handheld optical power meter
1FE+1GE+CATV+Wifi ONU double mode work with GPON and EPON
PG-FS10+ optic fiber fusion splicer
PG-1800 Series OTDR 1310 1490 1550 1625 1650nm max dynamic range 50dB built-in optical power meter,laser source, VFL , Event map(iOLM)
10/100M optical media converter
10/100M SFP optical Media Converter
10/100/1000M adaptive SFP ports media converter
100M/1000M card type optical media converter
2optical SFP ports and 4Gigabit Ethernet ports media converter with mangement
10/100M 4RJ45 Ports Single-mode Media Converter
10/100M 4 ethernet ports+2SFP ports switch
10/100M adaptive 2 optical ports 3 ethernet ports media converter
PG-OLS508 optical laser source
24Ports SFP Switch,with L2 management
PG-FS12 optical fiber fusion splicer
1.25G SFP optical fiber transceiver,550m~80km distance
PG-OPM520 optical power meter
3G sfp optical transceiver
100Base-TX Copper SFP Transceiver
19inch 16slots optic fiber media converter chassis/rack
PG-FS16 fusion splicer
2U 14slots 19inch optic fiber media converter rack/chassis
SFP+ 10G LR Transceiver
Fjikura 80S optic fusion splicer
GPON ONU SFF optic fiber module
155Mbps SFP Optical Transceiver, 20km Reach
PG-OPM540 optical power meter
PG-OC106 Fiber Optical Cleaver
PG-OLS540 optical laser source
Pen type Fiber Optic connector Cleaner
PG-OMM540 optical multi meter
MPO optical fiber connector cleaner
PG-1000 handheld mini OTDR
PG-1200B mini OTDR
optic fiber connector cleaner box
optic fiber connectors cleaner box
PG-1500 series OTDR 1310 1490 1550 1625 1650nm max dynamic range 50dB built-in optical power meter,laser source, VFL, Event map(iOLM)
PG-PON82 optical power meter
optical Fiber Protective Sleeve
optical fiber cable Stripper
PGVFL-N Visual Falut Locator(VFL)
OFI600 Optical Fiber Identifier
PG-08C optic fiber tools kit
Visual Fault Locator
PG-OTS700 optical fiber phone/talk set
optical fiber link backups-protection equipments
PG-PON330 PON terminal tester
CWDM optical power meter
Ethernet cable tester
Fujikura 41S fusion splicer
Fujikura 62S Fusion splicer
Mini optical PLC splitter
optic fiber FBT SPLITTER
ABS box package PLC splitter
19" rack mounted PLC splitter
PM PLC Splitter
Breakout optic fiber patchcord
SC/PC optical fiber patch cord
FC/PC optical fiber patch cord
LC/PC optical fiber patch cord
ST/PC optical fiber patch cord
SC/PC SC/APC FTTH optical cable patch cord
Armoured optical fiber patch cord
Outdoor Protected Branch patch cord
MPO optical fiber patch cord
Optical Fiber patch cord for field operation
1064nm optical Bandpass Filter Device
MEMS Variable Optical Attenuator
optical Inline Polarizor(1310/1480/1550/1064nm)
Polarization Maintaining lsolator
1x2 PM Filter-based Splitter
2×2 PM Filter-based Splitter
1x2 Polarization Maintaining Circulator
2x2 Polarization Maintaining Circulator
1x2 Both Axis working PM Circulator
1x2 Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter
2x2 optic fiber Polarization Beam Splitter
1x2 optic fiber Polarization Beam Splitter with Small MFD Fiber
2×2 optic fiber Polarization Beam Splitter with Small MFD Fiber
optic fiber Polarization Maintaining Filter WDM
Polarization Maintaining optical Fiber Patchcord
Polarization Maintaining Faraday Rotation Mirror
PM Isolator + Filter WDM Hybrid component
optic fiber PM Tap+ Isolator Hybrid component 1310/1480/1550nm
PM Tap + Isolator + WDM Hybrid Device 980/1550, 1480/1550nm
High Power Inline optical Isolator
Isolator Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter
2x2 Tap + Isolator + WDM Hybrid Device
Isolator+ WDM Hybrid Device
980/1550nm wavelength Division Multiplexer(WDM 1*2)
100-200G DWDM device
optical Isolator(1310/1480/1550/1064nm)(MINI)
1x2 Polarization Insensitive Circulator
2x2 Polarization Insensitive Circulator
1064nm 1x2 Polarization Insensitive Circulator
1×2 Optical Switch
Mechanical Variable Optical Attenuator(MVOA)
faraday mirror
CWDM modules
DWDM module
CCWDM(Compact CWDM) module
FWDM(reflection wdm) component
2 Ports FTTH panel box
4ports FTTH distribution box
8ports FTTH distribution box
8 cores PLC distribution box
12ports FTTH distribution box
12cores PLC distribution box
16 cores FTTH distribution box
16cores black PLC distribution box
16 cores black FTTH distribution box
24cores FTTH distribution box
24cores black FTTH distribution box
32Cores FTTH distribution box
4ports terminal box
8ports terminal box
PG-ODF2026 optic terminal box
PG-ODF2042 optic terminal box
PG-ODF3015 wall mounted distribution box
PGODF3036 outdoor distribution frame
MPO patch cord terminal box rack mounted
ODF Unit Box (Patch Panel)
PG-FOSC20892 optic splice closure
PG-FOSC080A splice enclosure
PG-FOSC0915 optic fiber splice closure
PG-FOSC0918 splice enclosure
PG-FOSC090A optic fiber splice enclosure
PG-FOSC0901 optic fiber splice enclosure
PG-FOSC0919 optic fiber splice closure
PG-FOSC0920 optic fiber splice enclosure
PG-FOSC1012 optic fiber splice closure
PG-FOSC 0802 Fiber Optic Splice Closure
PG-FOSC0804 optic fiber splice closure
PG-FOSC 0806 Fiber Optic Splice Closure 3inlet 3outlet
PG-FOSC0808 optic fiber splice closure
PG-FOSC0809 optic fiber splice closure
PG-FOSC0810 optic fiber splice closure
PG-FOSC0811 optic fiber splice closure
PG-FOSC0812 optic fiber splice closure